Helping our kids to thrive at school

Get the right knowledge, tools and strategy so you can support your child to be happy and confident at school

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do you know the best way to support your child at school?

we all want our kids to thrive at school, but do you have the knowledge and confidence to support this to happen?

calm parent

Let go of anxiety and worry, knowing you are taking all the right steps to help your child thrive at school.

feel in control

Have the knowledge and skills to make decisions and respond to any issues your child is having at school.

confident child

Be prepared with everything you need to support your child to have a happy and positive experience at school.


I'm Nat, and I support parents to help their child have a positive experience of school where they are confident, happy and thriving.

I'm also a mum of two gorgeous primary-aged kids.

Through over 20 years in the education sector, I have supported thousands of families and their children to have positive school experiences and I'd love to help support you and your child too.

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here is how I can support you...

free how-to guides

Free guides on parents' biggest questions. Evidence-based, unbiased information so you can make the right choice or take the best actions for your child.

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Information-packed masterclasses to help parents understand key topics in greater depth, enabling them to better support their child to thrive at school.

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thrive at school

4-week online program to equip you with the know-how and key steps to guide your child's school experience with confidence so that they thrive (rather than just survive) in their first years of school.

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